Mining Ground Engaging Tools (GET) Systems

We’ve got you covered with a complete range of GET components and parts, ready for any digging conditions.


Our rigorous design, engineering, and testing processes ensure that our GET products set new standards for productivity and wear life.

Comprehensive Range of Ground Engaging Tools

Simplify your supply chain by partnering with a global ground engaging tool manufacturer and supplier. We manufacture a wide suite of ground engaging equipment to fully dress your bucket.

  • Bucket teeth for mining excavators (backhoe and face shovel), rope shovels, wheel loaders, and draglines
  • Excavator bucket teeth pins and locks
  • Adapters
  • Boxpoints
  • Lip Shrouds
  • Bucket heel shrouds
  • Retainers
  • Wing protection
  • Chocky bars and wear buttons

Not sure what GET products you need? Our experienced team is here to help find the perfect solution for your specific application.


Pushing the Limits of Productivity

Our mining GET systems are backed by our uncompromising design and engineering process. We use advanced computer-aided engineering (CAE) technologies, including finite element analysis (FEA), which allows us to accurately model how GET parts will withstand different digging conditions. Once our advanced computer models have validated a design, we take it to our scale testing pit.

Scale testing lets us prove designs in real-world scenarios without interrupting mine site operations. It enables us to confidently provide our customers with industry-leading mining GET and tooth systems.


Ready to Dig Anywhere

We engineer and manufacture ground engaging tools for all mining conditions, from soft dirt to the highest impact and abrasion environments. We have GET parts to fit your entire digging fleet including: hydraulic excavators (face shovel and backhoe), wheel loaders, electric rope shovels, and draglines.


Optimized for Your Conditions

We work in collaboration with our customers to understand their digging conditions, maintenance requirements, and wear rates before recommending the best GET systems for the job. Where needed, we can work directly with you to develop GET for your conditions, continuously refining until reaching your performance goals.


Simplified S-Locks

S-Locks, our newest innovation, are combined with our shrouds for simplified lock management. Streamline your ordering with just one SKU for both locks and shrouds. Plus, the lock is universal across both wings and lips, so you need just one set of tools and instructions.

We design S-Locks to last the campaign life of the shroud, no need to retighten or replace unexpectedly. They are entirely hammerless, reducing safety risks for your team.



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Our Range of Mining GET Systems

Application High Production, Universal, Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty
Design Super Penetrator, Rock Abrasion, Loader Panel, Heavy Rock, Rock Penetrator, Double Panel, Tiger Point, Heavy Duty Point, Extra Heavy Duty Point
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