Titan 3330™ Reduces Truck Over and Underloads

The Titan 3330 payload monitoring system delivered a 23% reduction in truck underloads.


Western Australia


Digging Conditions
Medium Impact / Medium Abrasion


Make & Model
Liebherr R9200

The Challenge

A Western Australian gold miner was concerned about significant accuracy variation in their truck payload systems. The mine also wanted a single point of reference for payload and production information.

The challenge was to reduce both truck overloads and underloads, while increasing productivity using a single dig unit based productivity solution.

The Solution

CR Digital’s experienced field technicians and engineers worked with the miner to review the conditions, existing baseline data sets, and maintenance down time schedules. CR Digital then installed the Titan 3330 payload management system directly onto the mine’s Liebherr R9200 backhoe.

Titan 3330’s digger-based payload weighing gives instantaneous and precise feedback, which is more accurate than truck-based systems.

Once installed, CR Digital provided in-depth training to the mine’s operators. Training material included using the intuitive in-cabin touch screen interface and using the real-time feedback provided to load trucks more accurately.

The Outcome

Improved Productivity

Reduced Overloads & Underloads

Increased Average Truck Payload

The Impact

Comparing the baseline period data to post-operator training clearly showed the value of the Titan 3330 system to the operation:

  • 1.2% fewer truck major overloads (>120% rated capacity)
  • 2% fewer truck minor overloads (>110% rated capacity)
  • 23% reduction of truck underloads (<100% rated capacity)
  • 15.5% increase in instantaneous productivity (1.4% increase in operational productivity)
  • 25 tonne higher average truck payload



Fewer Truck Major Overloads


Fewer Truck Underloads


Increase in Instantaneous Productivity


Tonne Increase in Average Truck Payload


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