Comprehensive Dragline Rigging and Chain Solutions

Reduce unscheduled down time and maximize payload potential with our wide range of dragline rigging.


Rigging and chain designed to be lightweight enough to maximize bucket payloads, while being robust enough to reduce unplanned maintenance and keep machines digging.

Dragline Bucket Rigging & Chain

Our dragline rigging is Australian-made and sets the standard for quality and wear life. We are pleased to offer dragline chains for a rope-to-rope solution. We manufacture complete rigging packages including:

  • Drag and dump shackles
  • Dump blocks
  • Equalizers
  • Links: drag, trunnion, hoist, and general – female & male
  • Spreader bars
  • Dragline pins
  • Hammerless locking systems for dragline rigging
  • Drag, hoist, and dump sockets
  • Hoist, drag, and dump chain
  • As well as dragline buckets

Product Features

Complete Range

We offer full rope-to-rope dragline chain and rigging solutions for a wide range of machines, from small to extra-large draglines, and can tailor an optimized rigging and bucket system so you can get the most from your dragline.

35+ Years of Experience

After decades of dragline experience, we have a deep understanding of the industry and requirements. We’ve been leaders in the space for almost three decades as the first to bring hammerless rigging to the marketplace.

Masters of the Rigging Lock System

Since developing the first hammerless rigging lock, the Surelock™, in 1999, CR has been at the forefront of safer, more secure locking systems for draglines. The relentless pursuit of excellence has led to the C-Lock, a hammerless retaining system with double locking mechanisms. It’s engineered to ensure your locks last as long as your rigging and bucket so you can keep digging for longer.

Remarkably Reliable

It’s simple: you need dragline chain and rigging to both last expected campaign life and not fail prematurely. When components break unexpectedly, you’re looking at losing tens of thousands of dollars each hour that the machine is down, while the problem is diagnosed, your maintenance team organizes parts and cranes, and the repair is done.

Our rigging reduces this unscheduled down time with rugged components engineered to withstand the harshest conditions.


You’re In Good Hands

We’re known for our on-site support. You’ll develop a close relationship with your site account manager, who will provide regular inspections and hands on advice, ensuring that parts are changed out at appropriate times. X-Calibre, our condition monitoring app, provides almost real-time reports, so your maintenance team can make the most accurate decisions.

Once your rigging needs repair, send it to our fabrication and repair center to be refurbished to OEM specs. You’ll never even know it’s been repaired.



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Supported Machines

We have rigging, chain, and bucket options to achieve the best performance for your machine.

Capacity Machine
39-55m³ (51-71yd³) CAT 8050
Komatsu 757
*Conventional & UDD
55-60m³ (71-80yd³) CAT 8200
Komatsu 9010C
60-100m³ (80-130yd³) CAT 8750
Komatsu 9020C
100m³+ (130yd³+) CAT 8750+
Komatsu 9020XPC+

Complete Rigging Retainer Packages

Dragline Rigging Diagram

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