Hurricane™ Dragline Buckets

Maximize payload cycles with dragline buckets engineered to fill and empty faster.


Next-generation dragline buckets can increase your productivity by up to 16% by reducing cycle times and increasing machine availability.



Dragline buckets sold


Productivity increase*


Less drag energy*


Years of experience

*Compared to conventional dragline buckets, depending on digging conditions.

Meet the Hurricane Bucket

The upgraded Hurricane dragline bucket sets the bar for productivity and reliability. The wide, low-profile, slimline lip design makes it fast to fill and dump.

Our dragline buckets come in a range of sizes, from small dragline buckets (bucket capacity of 38 cubic meters) to the largest (120 cube metrics) and everything in between.

  • Small: CAT 8050 and Komatsu P&H 757
  • Medium: CAT 8200 and Komatsu P&H 9010
  • Large: CAT 8750 and Komatsu P&H 9020C
  • Extra-large: CAT 8750+ and Komatsu P&H 9020XPC

Product Features

Complete Packages

We’re your one-stop shop for dragline buckets, rigging components and chain to suit all machines from 8050 to 8750.

Matched to Your Application

We collaborate with our customers to manufacture dragline buckets to match their unique requirements.

Optimized Bucket Shape

We use our in-house engineering expertise and scale testing facilities to push the limits of dragline bucket design, developing a unique shape that provides unmatched productivity gains.

Hit Production Targets With Ease

The Hurricane dragline bucket is built to increase payload and reduce cycle times. With a lighter bucket, your machines can carry more dirt than with conventional dragline buckets. The smartly engineered design fills and dumps faster, making it easy for your operators to decrease cycle times. Pair with our dragline chain and rigging packages for even more benefits.


Tested Tough Buckets

The proven robust design extends campaign life and reduces unscheduled maintenance. The cast front ring geometry reduces stress by up to 20% in both the lip of the bucket and the dump circuit. Keep your machines running and productive while spending less on maintenance. Explore all our dragline products.


Legendary Service

We’re known for our on-site support. You’ll develop a close relationship with your site account manager, who will provide regular inspections and hands-on advice, ensuring that parts get changed out at appropriate times. X-Calibre, our condition monitoring app, provides real-time reporting, so your maintenance team can make the most accurate decisions.



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Supported Machines

We have rigging and bucket options to achieve the best performance for your machine.

Capacity Machine
39-55m³ (51-71yd³) CAT 8050
Komatsu 757
*Conventional & UDD
55-60m³ (71-80yd³) CAT 8200
Komatsu 9010C
60-100m³ (80-130yd³) CAT 8750
Komatsu 9020C
100m³+ (130yd³+) CAT 8750+
Komatsu 9020XPC+

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