SaberEdge™ Machined Lip for Rope Shovels

Save up to 400 hours of maintenance per bucket rebuild compared to traditional rope shovel lip systems.


Precisely machined adapters and lip stations fit securely together, minimizing lip wear and maintenance, getting your buckets back to digging sooner.

Product Features

One-Touch Installation

Adapters are attached via a hydraulic system that is pressurized from a safe distance. Once installed, you won’t touch it again until it’s time to remove it; no additional re-tightening needed.

Precise Fit. Exceptional Protection.

Machined adapter stations result in a meticulously tight fit, eliminating peening and giving unparalleled wear protection. No need for weld on stabilization or additional material not already machined into the lip or adapter.

Intuitive Locking System

Your maintenance team will thank you for the simplified GET locking systems across all GET that doesn’t demand special training or tools.

Save on Maintenance

A snug fit between lip and adapter is crucial to protect the lip from wear. When lips aren’t adequately protected, you spend more time and money on maintenance, not to mention lost productivity as buckets spend longer in the shop.

SaberEdge protects your lips in three key ways:

  • Machined adapters fit snugly onto lips, reducing movement and protecting the entire surface area of the lip better than competitor lip systems for rope shovels.
  • The hydraulic attachment system means that once the adapters are on, they stay on.
  • Our stabilizers are integrated into the lip, not the adapter. That eliminates hollow areas in the adapters, making them stronger and less likely to break.

Installation is a Breeze

Mechanically attached GET makes installation quick and easy. The locking mechanisms are intuitive – your maintenance team won’t need special tools, additional training, or to do any welding.


Make Ordering Simple

Wave goodbye to handling dozens of SKUs. The SaberEdge range uses universal GET, including adapters and teeth, across all machine models, simplifying your supply chain and ordering process.


Suits Machines

Wide Radius Komatsu 4100 XPC & 4800 XPC
Square Corner Komatsu 4100 A & 4100 XPB; CAT 7495 & 495

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