Building Strong Data Foundations So You Can Trust the Numbers Tomorrow

Despite the rising use of technology in mining, many sites struggle to extract the expected value from the enormous amount of data generated across their operations. As the industry continues to face challenges such as escalating costs and diminishing ore grades, leveraging accurate data to make informed decisions has never been more crucial. The question remains: How can miners ensure they’re maximizing the full value out of their mining technologies?


Navigating the Challenges of Integrating Mining Technology

In the digital transformation era, mining technology is reshaping decision-making by satisfying an intensifying industry demand for data-driven approaches, a demand intensifying throughout the industry. Yet, transitioning into the digital era and embracing digitalization presents its share of hurdles. Grappling with the substantial volume of data collected from operations, processes, and assets and translating these metrics into actionable insights remains a distinctive challenge.

Nevertheless, leveraging data analytics proves advantageous in the integration of mining technology into site operations, and addressing the hurdles in implementing mining technology involves three key stages:

  1. Deployment: where new technology is rolled out and validated before going live;
  2. Engagement: focusing on workforce training;
  3. Sustainability: embedding technology into standard procedures.

Leveraging data analytics at each stage enhances the successful implementation of mining technology by qualifying output data, gauging user performance drivers, and reducing ongoing workload for sustained benefits.

A proactive and strategic approach is essential to ensure the successful use of data in mining. By integrating analytics seamlessly into each stage of technology implementation, miners can unlock the full potential of data-driven decision-making, paving the way for more efficient and sustainable operations.


What’s The Value of Investing in Data Analytics

Data analytics plays a vital role in achieving operational excellence in mining. Accurate reporting is the foundation for operational decision-making, while good analytics provides a deeper understanding of operations, predicts outcomes, and allows operators to take preventive measures. Organizations should invest in a reliable data analytics platform to implement mining technology effectively and develop a robust data governance strategy. This strategic investment helps to unlock insights, promotes continuous improvement, and enables mining operations to navigate the dynamic landscape with foresight and precision.


Using Analytics to Optimize Operations

At CR Powered by Epiroc, we use advanced analytics to provide explanatory analysis by combining domain expertise in surface mining, software and hardware engineering, and data analysis. Our intimate knowledge of mining technology datasets, tools, and processes ensures dependable data quality. With over 10 years of experience in mining technology, we have created a platform that brings the user to a confident decision point sooner.


Unlock Smarter Decisions with Orion

Our Orion Data Analytics platform is designed to deliver actionable productivity and machine health insights to operational teams. It makes it easy to make data-backed decisions with custom reports at scheduled intervals. When combined with our Analysis & Improvement data analysis service, Orion can help you interpret your data, establish goals, and create actionable plans. It can identify machines experiencing abnormal stress and intervene early, identify operators who require additional training and in which areas, compare how well your buckets match the truck payload to avoid inefficient half-passes, track your progress towards production goals, and delve into individual machine daily performance. You can see all your important information from Titan 3330™, Thunderbird 1110™, and GET Trakka™ in one place and easily visualize your data via reports, charts, and dashboards.

By investing in a data analytics platform like Orion, you can make smarter decisions, promote continuous improvement, and easily navigate the dynamic landscape of mining operations. For a mine site in Western Australia, the Orion Data Analytics software was crucial in analyzing the data generated by Titan 3330 payload optimization on an autonomous iron ore fleet. In this case study, implementing the technologies at the site and utilizing the data results effectively for optimal operational decisions, Titan and Orion increased operator performance by 95%, operational production rate by 198tph, and truck payload performance by 8 tonnes.

Let’s chat about how we can help take your mining productivity to the next level and make operational, data-based decisions with complete confidence.