CR Powered by Epiroc Partners with Engineering Aid Australia

At CR Powered by Epiroc, engineering is the driving force behind our innovative mining solutions. Over 40+ years, our team of engineers has used cutting edge tools like finite element analysis (FEA) and discrete element modeling (DEM), as well as decades of expertise to develop “world-first” products. We know the value of a strong engineering team, and part of that value is created through diversity.

Which is why we are proud to announce our partnership with Engineering Aid Australia (EAA). EAA is a non-profit organization that encourages Indigenous high school students to pursue careers in engineering.

Australian census data reveals that only a small percentage of Indigenous Australians pursue careers in engineering, with just 0.27% holding university degrees in the field. This is precisely why our partnership with EAA is so vital. Through their flagship initiative, the Indigenous Australian Engineering School (IAES) program, they inspire Indigenous high school students to pursue engineering careers. As a major partner, we are fully committed to supporting this initiative and fostering the development of Indigenous engineers.

“The Directors of Engineering Aid Australia are delighted to have a new Partnership with CR Powered by Epiroc,” says Anne Vans-Colina, Director. “Your unique challenges and solutions and highly sophisticated  technology that makes mining safer and more efficient is exciting and will surely make engineering in the mining industry a more appealing career option for the Indigenous Australian Engineering School (IAES) students.”

The IAES program was established in 1997, and it is a week-long program held in Sydney and Perth for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students across Australia. During the program, students can interact with engineers, participate in design work and hands-on activities, visit engineering projects, and learn about career opportunities and pathways in the engineering field. This initiative will significantly strengthen Australia’s engineering field and the communities they serve by creating opportunities for young Indigenous people to realize their potential.

“We’re very excited to be supporting Engineering Aid Australia in its mission to support the next generation of Indigenous engineers,” says Hannah Sabih, Global Marketing Manager at CR Powered by Epiroc. “The mining industry will need many more engineers in the coming years, and at CR it’s important for us to be part of nurturing diverse engineering talent.”

“Participating in two IAES programs has been special for our own engineers, as well. We’ve loved sharing our passion for engineering with the students, with both senior engineering leaders and more recent graduates attending the event from CR.”

Our Engineering Manager Brendan Waterman echoes this sentiment, saying, “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the Engineering Aid Australia team. The events that we have attended have been a great opportunity to meet some inspiring young students. It is important to me that we work on programs that help to bridge the gap, and show a pathway for young indigenous students, rather than simply adding to the demand for the limited number of graduates that do enter the workforce each year.”

We look forward to continuing to work with Engineering Aid Australia over the coming years – and hopefully expanding our partnership through work experience and mentorship.